Skyros Island

skyros 3Skyros is the largest and southernmost of the most important northern Sporades. Located approximately in the middle of the eastern coast of Euboea, from which it is the nearest point of 19 nautical miles.The bay Linaria is located 23 miles awat from the port of Kimi.

The visitor entranced by the simplicity, culture, significant names, customs and traditions of Skyros. Facing residents fermented by the daily struggle with the water element. Their character is thrifty and  hospitable,. Ready to welcome the stranger in their island. The island is full of small beaches, almost private for everyone. Small, beautiful, spotless hugs where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea.

Skyros traveling through the senses, the smell of the sea that reaches the air from the beach, tangle with the smell of herbs that grow on the roadsides. The sounds of nature fills the rustle of waves.

Developed by Alex Karras